We all have different methods to solve problems, design solutions and managing projects. Methods that seem to work fine. Right?

Sometimes they do. But when we’re dealing with rapidly changing and complex situations, our current ways just aren’t enough.  In these cases you need something else, something extra, a different path. That’s where Plan B comes in.

A little test: see if Plan B fits your needs

Plan B is extremely powerful when dealing with (desired) change in services, strategies or ways of working. Do you recognize one or more of these issues?

Projects are failing (more time or money than planned, or disappointing results).

It seems like we’re not getting beyond small, moderate improvements. Where are the big breakthrough innovations?

It’s difficult  to keep up with the rapidly changing world. It seems that the ‘outside world’ is always a step ahead of my business/organization.

We have lots of (great) plans for new ideas, but often they’re not carried out for all kinds of reasons (we got lost in our ‘normal’ business of getting the job done, it’s difficult to make it feasible, ….)

Often there’s frustration and misunderstanding between different (groups) of people. Especially when they have different backgrounds or disciplines.

It’s difficult to change or to create a real movement; getting people in motion to experience the value.

Sometimes I feel that we’re running around in circles. Over and over again, trying to solve the same kind of issues and facing the same challenges.

Are some of these points recognizable? Plan B is there for you. Just take a look how you can learn, join and enjoy Plan B.

The need to rethink