Plan B is buzzing around for quite a while now and the buzz is still growing.
We love you’re buzz!
Here a some examples of what people say.

“Great initiative: I like the focus on people (versus processes), creativity (versus control) and learning (versus instruction). I truly believe that these elements are key for successful companies.” Perry Nouwens on site, 2012

“Plan B thinking doesn’t even occur to most of us, particularly in business. We’re not conscious that we have choices, so we push forward on the only path we see, regardless of effectiveness or outcome. You’ve hit on a HUGE issue.” Jim Bolton, owner Ridge Training, 2013.

“I like the originality of plan B and its focus on simplifying complex adaptive systems, which is, in my opinion, the key challenge for most (bigger) organizations.” Frank Harmsen, Ernst & Young, University Maastricht, on website, 22 april 2012.

“PlanB | If you are looking for an alternative road to learn people to innovate” – TheRightToExperiment @R2XP on Twitter, 2012

“We highly recommend PlanB. That is, if you want to move forward….” BR-ND on Facebook, 2012. Read the amazing blog they wrote about Plan B!

“Feel like making a Journey? Take the Plan B route next time. Inspiring!!” Hans Kalf, KPMG & participant Plan B The Journey, on Twitter, 2012.

“An awesome, interesting, other path for problem solving and innovation. I experienced it’s simple and awesome power during this extensive course.” Bas de Baar, formerly known as The Projectshrink & participant Plan B The Journey, on Facebook, 2012

“Ik heb ontzettend veel gehad aan de Plan B ervaring, het werkt echt goed en geeft veel positieve energie!” Reinier Bilthof, Project Manager Frames/De Plaatijzerindustrie, participant HBO year program Plan B, by HDLG

“Een bevrijding van het strakke keurslijf van  projectmanagement methodieken. Het geeft een vorm van vrijheid en creativiteit, zonder te verzanden in allerlei zijsporen of het doel uit het oog te verliezen. Ik vind projectmanagement ineens leuk!” Participant TU Delft Library (blog)

“Plan B…de enige echte koppeling tussen sociale en technische innovatie.” Phase4U, on Twitter, 2013

“Wat was het een cadeautje om mee te maken Daphne! Super.” Angelique de Kort, Cubiss & participant Plan B The Journey, on Twitter,  2012

“Daphne is iemand die volslagen onbekenden kan inspireren om problemen op een ander manier aan te pakken en je daar nog plezier aan kan laten beleven ook. Als ik haar stukken lees of naar de video’s kijk dan krijg ik daardoor steeds weer nieuwe inspiratie en bewondering voor Plan B.” Willem Pottuit, Projectleider ICT bij Politie Rotterdam-Rijnmond

Or read some recommendations of people who experienced a 4 hr Masterclass Plan B (in Dutch)

In the media 

Here, you’ll view some examples of articles that have been shown up on the internet about Plan B: Plan B in the media.


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