So, here it is, the official website of Plan B: launched.

Of course, according to one of the main principles of Plan B: as simple, cheap and fast as possible. Practice what you preach, right?

So here it is. Quick and dirty. Ready to receive your feedback and ready to adapt to your needs.

On this site, you’ll find some pictures of Dave Gray. Because I think they’re cool. And useful. And Dave publishes  under the free Creative Commons License. Just as I do. And I love that. If you like his drawings of the Connected Company, check them out on Flickr and use them in your presentations or blogs. When you do: just use the original link back to the image and give him big credits. He’d also love it if you send him a note, comment on Flickr or tweet a link so he can see where the images end up (on twitter @davegray @dachisgroup #connectedco).


Customers are connecting. Are you?

Yes, I am.

You are welcome to snoop around and find out more about Plan B. See if Plan B fits you on the ‘why page’: a little rapid test. Read the story behind Plan B. Or just browse around and get inspired by movies and articles, or check out the toolbox and blog. Do what fits you. Do what you like.

I love to hear your thoughts. What do you think of this website, or Plan B? Like what you see? You can leave your comment below or send me an e-mail if you don’t like to put it out in the open.

Interested in Plan B? Want to know more? You’re welcome to join or connect. Like.

9 comments on “Website live: Quick & Dirty

  1. Marc on said:

    Cool site!

  2. Erwin on said:

    This is a site that fits you like a glove! So Daphne! My deepest compliments!

  3. A very good story on a excellent site Daphne! Nice to see how Plan B continues to grow. Like!

  4. Perry Nouwens on said:

    Great initiative: I like the focus on people (versus processes), creativity (versus control) and learning (versus instruction). I truly believe that these elements are key for successful companies.

  5. Frank on said:

    If this is your perception of ‘quick and dirty’, I wonder how the website will look like if it’s not q&d… I like the originality of plan B and its focus on simplifying complex adaptive systems, which is, in my opinion, the key challenge for most (bigger) organizations. Congrats!

  6. Daphne on said:

    Wow guys (only men so far;-), thanks a lot for your kind words. Great boost – love it!

  7. Daphne on said:

    @Frank: Great to hear that it doesn’t look like Quick & Dirty;-) But it is: this site is made as cheap and fast as possible. So, no professional designers, easy wordpress template, a few late nights of writing and a fast launch – in stead of developing it all the way through and striving for perfection. (There are only three blogposts, that’s pretty q&d, richt?;-)

  8. Frank on said:

    Great, practice what you preach! ;-)

  9. Liza Kozlowska on said:

    This website is very “Daphne”; comfortable, easy, inviting and competent!

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