“If we are really serious about the importance of the environment we work in and the stories we tell, we should have a Set Designer and a Storyteller on our projects.

Yes, I am totally serious.

So is Daphne Depassé, an Amsterdam based solution designer.”

This is the intro of the really cool blog that is written by Bas the Baar (formally know as The Projectshrink). About Plan B.

Read the interview in “The Set Designer and The Story Teller. Yes, you need them” and learn more about two of the roles in Plan B.

2 comments on “Two Roles of Plan B

  1. Blair Rorani on said:

    I like what I’ve read about your Plan B roles. Awesome ideas. I have a similar background and have worked in learning and development and knowledge management roles.

    I am 100% self taught which means I have ‘stolen’ ideas from the best thinking on learning, design and collaboration, visual thinking, and story telling, etc. from outside my field. The set designer role, for example, is a great way of defining what that role is using a commonly understood term but applying it in a new and different way.

    I’m excited to learn more about Plan B.

  2. Daphne on said:

    @Blair: thanks so much. Just saw your website: like what you do! I’ll follow you back on Twitter. Of course, you’re more than welkcome to learn more about Plan B. Let’s stay in touch!

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