There’s a toolbox, filled with stuff to help you along the way.
There are two basic tools and lots of additional tools.

Two basic tools

Two basic Plan B tools

The two basic tools are the Role Cards and The Method roadmap.

Role cards
A deck of cards with all the 6+1 role cards represented. These role cards will keep you on track. They provide a solid approach to make sure you have the right focus – all the way through.

The Method roadmap
This tool is called ‘The Lab’. It provides a visual representation of the method – the process. By using this tool, it’s always clear where you are on you’re journey and where you’re going to. And everyone has the same understanding. used as a communication and explanation tool, (“We are here, we’re going one step back, we’re speeding up to.., we park this for a while, etc). This tool could be used as a board, or in a large wall poster format, where you can put stuff like post-its, drawings, texts).

(We’re working on a online webshop. For now, you can order the tools by sending us an old-fashioned e-mail. Here, you’ll find the formats and prices (Pdf download (Dutch)


Plan B handboekenBesides, every phase has its own ‘toolbook’.
This includes:

A What-Why-How card.
With information about:

  • WHAT: what the phase is about and what it means – what you’re going to do.
  • WHY: why the phase is needed; the importance of the phase – why you should do it.
  • HOW: practical hands-on information – how you could do it.

+ Lots of How-to Tools 

Lots of helpful how-to tools (available in English and Dutch).
You can use whatever you need. It’s not a prison. It’s your playground.

These are all concrete tools, techniques and tips & tricks, to carry out activities.
For example, this is our magazine tool to discover your values: 

Plan B tool: discovering value

Plan B tool: discovering value

And we have additional tools, like posters.
Not only cool, but useful as well.
Like our 14 Mindset Principles of Plan B.

(We’re always busy creating new tools.
And gadgets. Because we love gadgets.)

You can be part of this exciting movement.
Come and join us. Welcome!