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Why delivering a TED talk feels like a big thing

ted_logo* Personal blog by Daphne *

Yeah, I did it…
Last saturday (September, 7th) I shared my story on the TEDx stage.

My process of getting there was hard.
I struggled. Big time.
Many times I was wondering
why delivering a TED talk felt like such a big thing.

It’s ‘just’ a talk and I’m on stage often, so why does this feel so different?

Now that it’s done, I know that I’m not alone.
Even for the most experienced speakers, delivering a TED(x) talk seem to be a big thing.
The preparation (for weeks, or even months) can be hard and difficult.
And to deliver it is scary and nerve-racking.
Many ‘guru’s and hot shots even seem to say no to TED, or withdraw prematurely…

Why is that?
Why is delivering a TED talk such a big thing?

Some quick & dirty personal thoughts.

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Plan B Images

Plan B - via EppoWe really really really love it when people send all kinds of images related to Plan B.
Like the one on the right.

We’ve started to collect them on Flickr.

So, if you see stuff that remind you of Plan B, things that are named Plan B or else: love to receive yours!!

Make us happy and mail your image(s).
Your picture will be added, with credits and gratitude!



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