The Pitfalls of Planning

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The pitfalls of planning (part 2)

In organizations, a lot of time and effort is spent on making plans. We make huge, extended, well-thought-out plans.
We think a lot. Before we start doing.

Do you know that this systemic approach could be a huge pitfall? And a waste of time (and money).

Here’s why. (more…)

Changing the Game

Plan B is about acting different. Our current ways just aren’t working sometimes. Then you need something else, a different way to break through the status quo. It’s about changing the game. But what is this change about?  For the development of Plan B, we took a deep dive into Read more…

Lost in Language

By Randy Glasbergen

By Randy Glasbergen

We are lost in language
In business, we talk like idiots

Why is it harmful?
And why should you care?

We use words to identify, define and describe.
In business we often use abstract terms and jargon.
When you take a close look and listen carefully:
we talk like idiots.
Can be funny. But harmful. Too.

Do you know it’s one of the main causes of miscommunication, frustration and engagement issues? Running around in circles, energy is gone, no progress.

Why are we talking like idiots?
Why is it harmful?
And why should you care? (more…)