Lost in Language

By Randy Glasbergen

By Randy Glasbergen

We are lost in language
In business, we talk like idiots

Why is it harmful?
And why should you care?

We use words to identify, define and describe.
In business we often use abstract terms and jargon.
When you take a close look and listen carefully:
we talk like idiots.
Can be funny. But harmful. Too.

Do you know it’s one of the main causes of miscommunication, frustration and engagement issues? Running around in circles, energy is gone, no progress.

Why are we talking like idiots?
Why is it harmful?
And why should you care? [Read more…]

Do you need (a) Plan B?

*Friday afternoon sketch *

Do you need (a) Plan B?

Take the test :-)))

Plan B Test

Assumptions and Illusions

“We look from our own single perspective
and see what we want to see,

what we expect to see
and what we are used to seeing.”

Behind this tiny quote (from my TED Talk), lies an major subject.
One that is big and important.
For all of us.
I think.

This post is about assumptions and illusions.
With some great examples of ‘Optical Illusions’
How your eyes can deceive you

Our way to give meaning to situations is: judgement.
With this judgement system, we always have assumptions, presumptions and prejudices.
That’s okay – we need this -, but there are several dangers coming from rushing into judgment. [Read more…]

Unscrew The System

ted_logoThe TEDx Talk of Plan B founder Daphne. Scripted.
“Unscrew the system – In a blissful way”

When I was a little girl
In first grade, I was told I drew circles the wrong way
The teacher put me in the corner where I had to draw circles until I was able to draw them as it was supposed to be done: the other way around.

I just did not get it
At the end all circles look the same
So what’s the point?

Today, I want to tell you a story about acting different.
About all the amazing things that would happen if we could act different.
And how I screwed up. [Read more…]

The Work Revolution

The Work Revolution is a movement + campaign that advocates for human and meaningful work for everyone. We are the pioneers designing radically life-giving workplaces.

We are IN.


Join us!

The Work Revolution Manifesto:

Work revolution




















Why Play is Vital

Play is more than fun. Play is vital!

Watch this TED talk by Stuart Brown -Why play is vital.

For the Dutch: here you can find this talk translated into Dutch.

So, what is Plan B, really?

This, and other questions are now answered on the new FAQ page!

Read it and find out:

  • For what kind of issues Plan B is the way to go
  • When to start with Plan B
  • How to start with Plan B
  • Who’s using Plan B
  • What to do with your Plan A
  • And more…
For ‘design thinkers’: check out the last FAQs. Wrote them especially for you.


Design Thinking – The Movie

Screening 31volts“Design & Thinking” is a documentary exploring the idea of design thinking. Made by four people, living in San Francisco.

I (Daphne) had the privilege to watch the whole movie at a screening organized by 31volts  in Utrecht on June 28th, 2012 (thanks to Marcel Zwiers). It was a great evening! Marc Fonteijn wrote a blog about this screening (and yes, I’m on the picture – somewhere;-).

About the movie. [Read more…]

How to organise a Children’s Party

In this short video (3 min), Dave Snowden of Cognitive Edge use the metaphor of a childrens party to introduce three different kinds of systems and the three organisational approaches. This video is not only a great example of the use of storytelling and metaphors to explain complex stuff, but also a perfect way to show the Plan B approach.

Books about Design Thinking

Three interesting books about Design Thinking (on which the Plan B method is inspired).


This book, Design of Business, shows why Design Thinking is the next competitive advantage. The author, Roger Martin, explains that most companies have innovation envy and rely far too exclusively on analytical thinking, which merely refines current knowledge, producing small improvements to the status quo. Martin shows how to use design thinking in ways that produce breakthrough innovations and competitive advantage. Filled with great insights, new perspectives and lots of examples from companies. You can order this book at Bol.com.


In this book “New Thinking For The New Millennium” Edward de Bono shows that the way we think is no longer sufficient. In the changing world we live in, there is a need for another kind of thinking.  We need to learn to think in ‘what can be’ in stead of ‘what is’, with analysis, criticism and argument. The new thinking is thinking that is creative and constructive, by designing a way forward. As he says: “You can analyse the past, but you need to design the future.” You can order this book at Bol.com. Or in another, similar version, with the title “Think, before it’s too late”.


This book, Managing as designing, is based on a series of conference papers. It explores the attitude of design thinking, as a new focus for analysis and decision making for managers. The premise of this book is that managers are designers as well as decision makers and that although the two are inextricably linked in management action, we have for too long emphasized the decision face of management over the design face. We can rethink managing as designing. You can order this book at Bol.comHere you can download the first chapter, for free.