What is Design Thinking

Plan B is – among others – inspired by Design Thinking.

What is Design Thinking?

“Design thinking is a powerful tool to tackle the unknown.
To reveal new ways of thinking and doing.”

Now it’s all clear to you, right?!
Nope. We know it isn’t.

That’s why this short video is a nice one.
It brings Design Thinking to life through a real-world example. Using five ‘steps’: (more…)

Magazine: all about innovation

Here’s our brand new Flipboard magazine. All about innovation! Full of articles, tips and tricks. Written by cool people all over the world. View my Flipboard Magazine. You might also like our magazine about creativity. It’s all about creative thinking in business. View my Flipboard Magazine. Enjoy!

The Certainty Trap

Many organizations are aimed at certainty. And reliability. And predictability. We call this The Certainty Trap. Because this mindset is one of the biggest obstacles for innovation. And it inhibits change. Should you care? Yes, you should. Because you simply cannot ignore change.  Shift happens. The system In many ‘traditional’ Read more…