We guide your projects. The Plan B way.
To solve your problems and create smart solutions.

(With or without learning about the theory underlying Plan B – that’s up to you).

When is a good time to involve us?
In short: at anytime. Whenever you feel you could use some help. Or want to try an other way.
For example:

  • When you’re thinking about starting a project (involve us before you make a plan! It’s not needed. We have a plan for you. Don’t waste time)
  • When you start fixing an issue or developing a solution
  • When you have an issue that’s on the agenda for a long time, but nothing is happening – no real action and no way to get rid of it.
  • When you’re working on something, but got stuck along the way.
  • Or, maybe you’ve already put a lot of energy in your issue, but the solution isn’t found yet or isn’t working.

At anytime, Plan B is a great way of breaking through the status quo – when you’re running around in circles and can use a boost, a new insight, another path.

Contact Daphne Depassé.
She – or one of the Plan B partners – will come to the rescue and help you out.

Special expertise

Plan B can be used for every business challenge.
For example, for the development of new strategies and concepts.
Or for redesigning services, processes and (ICT) systems.
Here you can find some examples of issues where Plan B is used for. 

Plan B is “just” an other way to think and act.
And when specific expertise is needed, our network comes in and our partners are there for you.

But we also have what we call, Plan B ‘Specials’.
Those are especially designed with extra specific expertise.
Here they are. Some of our specialities.

  • Plan B for problem solving (complex issues) (Eng/NL)
  • Plan B for innovation (Eng/NL)
  • Plan B voor knowlegde- and informationmanagement (Eng/NL)
  • Plan B voor projectmanagement (NL)