Plan B is the result of almost four years of research in science AND (testing in ) practice. Plan B is inspired by Design Thinking (for example: the visions of Roger Martin, Edward de Bono and IDEO). Other sources were found in the U Theory (Scharmer), Sensemaking (Weick), Business Model Generation (Osterwalder & Pigneur) and lots of other stuff – crossing all disciplines, professions and sectors. Besides, research has been done in China, to understand how the contradictions of our ‘Western thinking’ can help us to think and work smarter in a changing world.

Plan B is designed as a so called learning experience. In corporation with Shapers – experts in Learning Experience Design (LXD). That means: no thick learning books or boring long lectures. Plan B is practical: designed to immediately apply in practice. People who use Plan B do not have to worry about all the science and (complex) underlying theory, they just DO. With pleasure.

Here’s more about the underlying theory.

Companies are made out of people

(BTW, during research and testing, the name ‘Plan B’ was used as a working title. A ‘real’ name had to be found, because Plan B was used already all over the world, for lots of purposes. At the end of the research, a list of names was tested by lots of people. They all stuck to Plan B. No other word could beat that. Why? Because Plan B says it all: when Plan A isn’t working, you need a Plan B. So…that’s the story behind the naming. )