Plan B exists of six (+1) roles. These roles will keep you on track. They provide a solid approach to make sure you have the right focus – all the way through.

When a person assumes a role, he makes sure that the corresponding aspects are “safe guarded”. Within teams, these roles also help to provide clarity in  responsibilities and positions. Members can determine which role they take. And they can switch roles. The use of these roles also provides an element of play and  supports multiple viewing.

Here they are:

The Master of Value

Guards the right focus throughout the process. Monitors the direction and the common goal: to create value. Real value. Ensures proper focus of attention during the whole journey and represent the voice of all the stakeholders. What’s the value we are creating? And for whom?

The Set Designer

Takes care of an optimal setting – in the broadest sense. That means providing an appropriate, stimulating and enhancing location to support the required activities. The Set Designer monitors a positive and optimistic vibe and knows the value of fun, playing and humour. And of course, good coffee.

The Storyteller

Monitors common understanding by verifying the message and making things explicit and translated into simple and clear (visual) messages. Also knows how to tell the story in a way that affects people and boosts their enthusiasm. Uses the most appropriate tools, in line with the purpose and audience. And is not afraid to use alternative tools, such as storytelling and the use of images, movies and metaphors.

The Innovator

Focuses on opportunities and the future. On ‘what can be’ and ‘What if’. Stimulates to unscrew the system and act different. Promotes creative and intuitive thinking, experimenting and making (useful) mistakes. Draws inspiration from unexpected environments. Knows the value of co-creation. And stimulates embracing and dealing with the unexpected.

The Multiple Viewer

“The InsightFull”. Enriches the observation by seeing things from several different angles and perspectives. Thinks and sees holistically, across all borders. Thinks in and/and, instead of or/or. With multiple viewpoints, always seeing multiple truths, depending on the different perceptions and interpretations.

The Coach

Takes care of ‘the green wave’: going forward without barriers. Provides the best possible conditions and brings out the best in all players. Stimulates action and speed. Is coach, co-initiator, organizer, inspirer, but above all: facilitator. Has deeper knowledge of Plan B and the wide range of tools available. (Everyone who has acted once according to Plan B is ready to be a Coach the next time. That’s the principle of sustainability of Plan B).


This role is all about You. “You are not stuck in traffic, you ARE traffic”. Get personal. See yourself as part of ‘the system’ and know your role, needs, interests. And enjoy the support you’ll get by sharing this. Be aware of your “Voice of Judgement”: postpone your judgment and examine assumptions. See, learn and reflect. And enjoy the journey.

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