Portfolio & Partners

portfolio-logos-overzichtNumerous people and companies already joined, got introduced by – or involved in Plan B. Here’s a quick and dirty overview of the portfolio, the Plan B partners, sponsors and boosters.


People from different organizations all over the Netherlands, got introduced by (parts of) Plan B. Via presentations, masterclasses, workshops or guided in-company projects. View the snapshot of some of the organizations, in the image on the right.

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We work according to the ‘Hollywood model’: temporary, fluid alliances where we team up and make it happen. For large productions, the core team is supplemented by experts, depending on what the situation requires. Just as in making movies; sometimes you need a stuntman, makeup artist or special lighting experts. In our case, for large productions, we work with behavioral specialists, creativity gurus, storytelling heroes and other experts.

All partners in the network of Plan B are not just ordinary partners. They got into the Plan B zone not only because of their amazing expertise, but also because they have the wow-factor and share the same values of good collaboration. Here are some of them. Highly recommended.