There’s a method to help you on your way. It’s called “The Lab”: a roadmap with six (+1) phases.

The Plan B method isn’t a tight linear process, with ‘closed’ steps defined. The six phases are all in relation to one another and there will always be switches between them. Just as in our ‘normal lives’. Of course, there’s is a certain direction in the process, which will help you get moving.

This roadmap is inspired by Design Thinking. Two phases are added and the whole process is reversed into a practical approach. Although Plan B is more than just a practical approach for Design Thinking (see the FAQs), the six phases (or stages) are:

B Prepared
Set up: define & prepare. Starting the journey, exploration, defining your challenge, system and (shared and individual) values and interests.

B Curious
Discover/Uncover. Investigate and understand, discover and uncover the situation, causes and needs. Experience & Express.

+1 B Focused (Value!)
Value is the ‘stage’ in the middle of the process. This is the central point of focus, so you fully understand where you are headed, what your goal is and what the value is you want to create and for whom.

B Creative
Imagine. Be creative, generate lots of amazing ideas and select the most powerful idea(s).

B Experimental
Prototype: create & test. Design concepts, come out of the abstract zone and make your idea tangible in order to test and refine.

B Effective
Make it feasible, convince, tell the story.
And realize: make it all happen.

B Adaptive
Evaluate and monitor the solution, adapt, improve, make it a cyclical process.


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