In addition to our blog about language
(“in business, we talk like idiots”),
we’d like to share this with you:
a statement about ‘how to write’.

On September 7th, 1982
David Ogilvy sent the following internal memo to all employees.
It’s titled “How to Write”.


These are some great points.
Ultimately, you want to influence your audience to take action.
How you tell is how you ‘sell’ your message.

David Ogilvy is called ‘The father of advertising’
We know the importance of ‘selling’.
A lot of effort, time and money is spent on marketing, sales, advertising and branding.
To move the ‘outside world’.

But within organizations
It’s a different story.

Within organizations, there is still a lot of communication going on that is far removed from what appeals to people. Boring language, death by powerpoint, incomprehensible stories. Name it.

Why should you care?
Great ideas that are going down the drain, solutions that never will be executed, a hard road trying to change mindsets of people, trying to convince them of value, usefulness or necessity. It all gets stuck somewhere, because we are not able to move people.

It seems like we don’t know how to tell and sell the story within organizations.
And how to move others.

As Daniel Pink says: Like it or not, we’re all in sales now.
So, how do you tell/sell your story within your organization?

If you want to know more about
how to get other people to love your idea, service or product
within your organization:

take Davids advice
and  read our blog about Storyselling.


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