In our western society (business and education), we often focus on analytical and logical thinking. Creative thinking doesn’t get a lot of attention.

How come?
And why should you care?

This is why you need creative thinking.

(Check out at the end of this blog: lots of videos and tools for creativity!)

The System

Almost all of our attention goes to analytical thinking. That is just the ‘traditional’ way we (learn to) think and work. We hardly apply creative thinking in business or learn it at school. Watch this (brilliant) TED Talk of Sir Ken Robinson about this subject.

There could be various reasons why there is a lack of attention for creativity in our education and business worlds. Maybe it’s because we just don’t get it yet; stuck in old traditional ways. Maybe it’s the word creativity; often only associated with artistic creativity. Maybe it’s because we do not understand creativity and don’t know how to formally apply it (creativity is often seen as some kind of mystical innate talent, something far from our analytical thinking, impossible to control…)

Why should you care?

Whatever reasons there may be to ignore creativity, it is an urgent imperative – especially in times of economic crisis. Analytical thinking is extremely valuable, but with this kind of thinking we only refine existing knowledge. This works fine for incremental changes and minor improvements, but it will rarely lead to new ideas or possibilities. For (breakthrough) innovations, we need creativity.

Progress depends heavily on creativity. We need creativity to survive in today’s world. And as Robinson says: “Creativity is not some exotic, optional extra, it’s a strategic issue”.*

How to unscrew this system

We believe in acting different.
We believe in going beyond rational and logic thinking and enrich the current ways with creative thinking. Adding and realizing the creative potential in organizations and in schools. To create more value. To create better solutions.

Creativity is technically the ability to create something new; viewing things differently, acting differently and combine stuff to create new (business) value. Thinking in terms of ‘what if …’ or ‘what can be’. Imagining what does not yet exist. (In Plan B there is a special zone for this: B Creative).

Progress depends heavily on creativity.
That’s why you need creative thinking.

So, (learn to) think creative. B creative.
Break through your status quo.

Tools & Videos

We’ve made three Flipboard magazines for you!
All about Creativity.

One is filled with videos about creativity, one with tools you can apply directly and one with articles and other stuff about creativity in business – in general. Enjoy!

View my Flipboard Magazine.

View my Flipboard Magazine.

Articles & other stuff
View my Flipboard Magazine.

We’ll keep on adding more to these magazines. Stay tuned! :-)

*source: Fastcompany

3 comments on “Why you need Creative Thinking

  1. Donald on said:

    Some good points, I especially liked: “the word creativity; often only associated with artistic creativity” – I do think that’s one reason why the whole approach is considered less important.

    I’ve just been writing about it:, the article is about practical ways to maintain a creative-thinking mindset.

  2. Daphne on said:

    Thank you, Donald! Nice blog. I’ve added it to our “Creativity in Business” Flipboard magazine :-)

  3. Donald on said:

    Excellent! Thank you

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