Here’s a list of our favorite tools for online collaboration.

Cool tools and platforms we use to work together.
To be on the same page.
To save time, confusion, madness and frustration.

All easy to use. All free.

To avoid e-mail (!)

We use several tools to avoid e-mail
(you know, the time-wasting communication tool
watch this: 61 emails for one simple decision)
Here are some of them.

To share files/information/documents

  • Google Drive. View, edit , share all together in real-time. Including chat facility.
  • Evernote. Shared notebooks for notes and information.
  • Dropbox. Store, sync and share files online

For visual collaboration

(brainstorming, mindmapping, ideation, whiteboards,…)

  •  (for storyboards, projectdashboards, brainstorming, moodboards)
  • (sharing information and notes, plans, mindmapping)
  • Conceptboard (ideas, documents, projectmanagement)

Virtual meetings


What are your favorites?

We love to know what your favorite tools are.

Please share them in the comments below
and inspire us and others! 


One comment on “Free online collaboration tools

  1. James Roger on said:

    In addition to Skype and Google Hangouts for virtual meeting, you may try tools like webex, R-HUB web conferencing servers, gotomeeting etc. for conducting virtual meetings, web conferences etc.

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