Sunny Experience – Join us! (Dutch)

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Plan B en BR-ND komen met een eenmalige en unieke ‘Sunny Experience Road Tour’ in de lente/zomer van 2013 naar je toe!

We hebben drie bijzondere ervaringen ontwikkeld om organisaties te helpen waarde te creëren door gelukkiger te worden.

(Gelukkig? BR-ND? Waarde creeren? Als dit vraagtekens oproept, lees dan deze blog)

Sunny Experience A: Team Happiness

Gelukkige teams presteren beter, niet alleen in financieel opzicht. (more…)

Create more value by becoming happier

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This spring/summer, BR-ND and Plan B are going on a road tour to bring you a Sunny Experience. 

We have designed three introductory experiences to help organizations with value creation.
Join us on destination happiness!?

Happiness? Say what? In business?

Business is about productivity, performance, accountability and results.
Sure. For some organizations it is.
We think they will not survive;-) (more…)

Plan B Mapping!

Wow, look at this Plan B map, made by Bas de Baar (formerly known as The Projectshrink). He experienced the Plan B Journey from October until December 2012 at TU Delft. Bas: “I experienced it’s simple and awesome power during this extensive course. And drew this map as an overview of Read more…