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Plan B & BR-ND…
Surround yourself with people who believe what you believe.

About a year ago I met Alexander Koene, founder of BR-ND (via Twitter – the magic of social media!). I’d never heard of BR-ND, but first impression: wow! An appealing story on their website, nice online conversations, happy people and interesting tweets. So, we met. We had lunch and shared some stories about our work and ourselves. I did not fully understand all Alexander was talking about (;-), but I knew from the start there was some sort of ‘fit’. How? What? Why? No idea. Let it be. We’ll see. One thing was for sure: I fell in love with their ‘emotive’ thinking.

We started sharing our experiences, ideas and developments. I got to know Alexander’s business partner Kim Cramer and I invited Alexander to be a part of the Plan B Boosting board and he did. I’m still grateful for his energy, ideas and support. Meanwhile, a few months after our first meeting, I started experimenting and playing around with their fabulous 23plusone cards in my Plan B sessions. I used them to inspire and engage people, to reach mutual understanding, as a tool to boost quality conversations and to help people getting quick insights on their drives, vision, mission and values and mutual understanding. Not a full integration with Plan B, not a complete and thorough process; just a happy and handy use of this 23plusone tool, in addition to all my own Plan B tools.

Meanwhile, I was wondering… 23plusone has much more potential than the quick & dirty way I am using it in Plan B. How can I add more value? Further, 23plusone was originated as an emotive language for branding. My business isn’t about branding. So, what am I doing with branding folk and their tools?

We talked a lot. At first it wasn’t easy to understand each other’s business. We come from different worlds, with different tools, use different words, different clients, different services. Where do we fit? And how? We kept on talking and to our surprise we discovered that we’re actually concerned with the exactly the same things. We only use a different language. Language is beautiful, but can be so misleading. When we break down the walls between our disciplines and professions – skip the conventions and get out of the jargon and abstract language – suddenly there is a whole new meaningful world full with connection and opportunities. Plan B is about innovation and solving problems. But, solving problems and finding new ways is always related to values, purpose, meaning and identity. So, aren’t we all in the same business?

Maybe we are, maybe we are not. The longer I’m trying to find out, the less I care. Why? Because we share something that goes beyond the ‘what we do’ and ‘how we do it’. We have the same ‘why’. And that’s about creating value for people. Real value, that goes far beyond making money. Thereby, we share our belief in the value of happiness, engaging people, the love for innovation, bringing science into the business world and creating smart and fun tools to genuinely help people. After watching Simon Sinek (again) this morning, it hits me. As Sinek says: “When we surround ourselves with people who believe what we believe, trust emerges.” What we do and how we do it may be different, but we both fully understand our ‘why’s’ and we believe in the same things. And that’s more important than anything else.

But, to make is easy for you and to speak in the language of my ‘business world’ and my clients: Plan B is there for problem solving and designing smart and beautiful solutions. In most cases, the solution has something to do with culture, identity and values. That’s where my friends from BR-ND come in: they go beyond the surface, helping you to transform from within, by using the fundamental emotional drives we all have.

So after we broke down the walls between the innovation and branding sectors, we now can offer you a combination of our tools, based on years of research, science and practical experience.

We know that Plan B and BR-ND are pretty amazing as individual companies (;-). Imagine the magic that might occur when you experience us in co-creation.

How we make this happen?

First, by telling you the news. You can have us both. Mixed up or complementary.

Second, try it. Simple as that. You’ll love it. And you’re welcome!
This is what you can do. Now. 

Join us in our sunny experience! We have designed three introductory experiences to help organizations with value creation. Check out our flyer to see which one matches your needs.

Check out 23plusone and get yourself a set of 23plusone cards
Start with an introductory ‘emotive’ session with your team and see what magic happens. Contact Kim or Alexander at BR-ND
Contact BR-ND to help you out with any branding related question Check out the BR-ND services
Contact Plan B if you first want to find out what is needed to solve your problem and/or which solutions you can design to create value. Check out the Plan B opportunities.

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