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This spring/summer, BR-ND and Plan B are going on a road tour to bring you a Sunny Experience. 

We have designed three introductory experiences to help organizations with value creation.
Join us on destination happiness!?

Happiness? Say what? In business?

Business is about productivity, performance, accountability and results.
Sure. For some organizations it is.
We think they will not survive;-)

Organizations need happiness.
Some call it “the survival of the happiest” (Google that: over 933.000 results)
The world is changing and scientific evidence is proving that happy, engaged employees are good for business because they perform better, produce better results, are more creative and are willing to go the extra mile. And happiness leads to engagement *

Let’s call it ‘value’

Not convinced?
Maybe it’s the word ‘happiness’.
We also can call it value, drives, engagement, motivation. Or purpose, culture, positioning, branding or identity. Maybe these words sounds more familiar?

To make it easy, let’s call it value for now.
That’s a word we all can relate to and is known in business.

Every organization is established to create value. Whatever that value may be.
Do you know what is valuable to your company, your employees and stakeholders?
Do you know what ‘makes them tick’ and feel good?

Once you know what is valuable, to you, to your team, to your company and to all stakeholders, you can offer services and products, design solutions and make decisions that create value. Big time.

And that’s what we do. In this spring road tour we will help you get insights on those values, help you to become aware where you are headed, what your purpose is and what your values are, and for whom.

Who’s bringing the happiness?

BR-ND and Plan B will bring it to you! Plan B is about innovation and solving problems. But, solving problems and finding new ways are always related to values, purpose, meaning and identity. And that’s BR-ND’s talent. So, we are all in the same business.

We broke the walls between our disciplines and professions and mixed-it up in co-creation, to offer you a unique experience. With a combination of our tools, based on years of research, science and practical experience**

In all these Sunny Experiences you will get to know 23plusone, a science based emotive language. This method will help you discover what is important to yourself, your team, your company and all stakeholders. It will not only will bring you insights on values, but it’s also an amazing tool to boost quality conversations and to reach mutual understanding and engagement.


We come to you this spring!

You can choose from three unique experiences.
Check out our flyer to see which one matches your needs.
And get in touch

We love to help you to create more value by becoming happier.

BTW. Our road tour will end at September, 20 (the end of summer) and we can bring three experiences a week, maximum.

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* Lots of scientific proof on the value of happiness. We don’t want to go there in this blog. Want to read more about happiness in organizations? There’s a whole issue of Harvard Business Review on this subject.

** Curious about our journey of co-creation? Read our blogs! “Surround yourself with people who lift you higher” (by BR-ND) and “Surround yourself with people who believe what you believe” (by Plan B)

*** Curious about 23plusone? Read more! And watch this mini video;-)

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