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Photo: Telegraph UK

Everyone who’s entered the Plan B zone, knows about the importance of setting up the Basic Rules (One of the assignments in B Prepared). This is based on what MIT researcher Peter Gloor calls ‘swarm creativity’. If you look at a flock of starlings, you may wonder why they do not collide during their flight. This is due to the principle of a number of simple rules that are applied by each element in the system. On the basis of these simple rules, the flight is a magical happy flow.

We always practice what we preach, so we also have some basic rules. On how we interact. And what is important. To avoid frustration and miscommunication. For a happy collaboration with commercial partners.

Here they are:

B Free. B Excellent

Partners make their own quality. Plan B is not a prison and every person will use Plan B in their own way. We don’t judge the way our partners do it. They know best what’s valuable for their clients. We do not interfere with the way Plan B is transferred. Partners have their own responsibility to be brilliant. And to deliver excellent quality. Partners make their own quality.

B Respectful

Plan B is licensed according to Creative Commons 4.0. That means that Licensed partners are allowed to share and distribute the Plan B materials for commercial purpose, as long as they are not modified and attribution is given. The full text of the license condition and can be read here.

B Loyal

Partners are free to use Plan B as part of their own method(s) and built upon it. As part of the above mentioned Creative Commons licence, partners are loyal; they respect the Plan B mindset and tools. They know that there is a purpose behind everything in Plan B and that it is tested for years in practise and science. With this in mind, partners will not make any changes on their own and don’t distribute modified material without consulting.

B Trustful

A heavy one: we built our partnerships upon trust. When trust is violated, the foundation is gone. In that case, we are forced to change the course; by adjusting the agreement or – in the worst case – by withdrawing the license.

B Connected

Communication is the core of good partnership. That means: we respond to each other as fast as possible. And we always reply, not matter what. When we have to think about something, or don’t have the time to answer immediately, we’ll let each other know that we’ll answer later. We always reply, as fast as we can.

B Appreciative

We pay each other as fast as possible. That means we ALWAYS pay each other within the given time. Why? There is a number of reasons. First, because when we receive a bill, that means someone has done something valuable for you. Paying is a way to say thank you. Second: it’s about respect and showing your appreciation. And last: nobody likes to have to drive on your money. So we don’t want everyone to feel this. Last: it can disturb relationships. Unconsciously, you’ll find the other less sympatric. So, let’s not go there.

That’s it. Our common base to make magic happen.

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