Plan B is a different, enriching way to deal with complex issues.

Changing the game.

Method, Roles, Principles and a toolbox

Plan B exists of a method with six (+1) phases, six (+1) roles and a set of simple basic principles. All included in a toolbox filled with helpful tools. Read more.

Why Plan B

Our current ways just aren’t working sometimes. Especially when we’re dealing with rapidly changing and complex situations. In these cases you need something else, a different way to break through the status quo. Read more about why Plan B could help you or see if Plan B fits you (a little rapid test).

Check out the FAQ’s for more information.

The story behind

Plan B is the result of 4 years of research in science AND (testing in ) practice. Check this page, if you’re interested in the science and theory underlying Plan B.

Read the story behind Plan B: how it all started and why, and the big dream of making an impact.

About us

Plan B was founded by Daphne Depassé. You can read more about her on this page.

She’s not alone. Check out The Plan B Boosting Board.

What we do

We help people and organizations with problem solving of complex issues in the field of knowledge, information, innovation and projectmanagement.

In the role of advisor, investigator, mentor, or projectleader. (For projects. More information here.)

Our mission is to help you break through the status quo.
So that you feel bliss: excited to move forward, beyond your perspective of what you thought was possible.


Since 2011, numerous people and companies experienced Plan B.
Get an impression of the organizations, read what people say about Plan B and see how Plan B appeared in the media.