DaphneDepasse2014Daphne Depassé is founder of Plan B: a practical and blissful method for problem solving and innovation. She is a solution designer, entrepreneur, writer, transformer, consultant (and insultant), booster, teacher, multiple viewer, unlearner and happifier. Breaking through the status quo.” (TEDx bio)

Plan B was founded by Daphne Depassé.

Daphne  has been working on innovation, information and knowledge issues and projects for over 18 years now; as manager, advisor, consultant, lecturer and coach. Largely concerned with research and developing new solutions and (ICT) systems.

She graduated cum laude in Media- & Information Management.

And Certified Open Source Investigator®

In 2007 she started her own business helping organizations with information, knowledge and innovation issues – often ICT related.

She is author of the book ’15 praktijkverhalen over kennismanagement’ and the book ‘Factor K. How to Make knowledge work‘ (Dutch).

In 2012 she officially launched Plan B.

Visit her Dutch website to know more about her.

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