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Plan B is just what it says.
It’s another path.
For problem solving, investigation and innovation.

Act differently.
Unscrew the system.
Break through the status quo.

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Our mission is to help others break through the status quo. So that you feel bliss: excited to move forward, beyond your perspective of what you thought was possible.


PROBLEM SOLVING | Investigation

Plan B Advies, onderzoek en (project)management. Digitale opsporing. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).



About us

Plan B was founded by Daphne Depassé.
She’s not alone. Check out The Plan B Boosting Board (NL).

The toolbox

The toolbox

Method, Roles, Principles and a toolbox

Plan B exists of a method with six (+1) phases, six (+1) roles and a set of simple basic principles. All included in a toolbox filled with helpful tools.


News and Inspiration

Work Revolution

The Work Revolution is a movement & advocacy group that promotes human and meaningful work for everyone. They are the pioneers designing radically life-giving places to work. In 2013, we posted their manifesto. And now…we are Read more…

What is Design Thinking

Plan B is – among others – inspired by Design Thinking. What is Design Thinking? “Design thinking is a powerful tool to tackle the unknown. To reveal new ways of thinking and doing.” Aaah… Now Read more…


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PS. Plan B is always open to all kinds of corporation and partnerships. Get in touch if you have an idea, see chances or possibilities. Love to see how we can add mutual value.