Free online collaboration tools

Here’s a list of our favorite tools for online collaboration.

Cool tools and platforms we use to work together.
To be on the same page.
To save time, confusion, madness and frustration.

All easy to use. All free.

To avoid e-mail (!)

We use several tools to avoid e-mail
(you know, the time-wasting communication tool
watch this: 61 emails for one simple decision)
Here are some of them.

To share files/information/documents [Read more…]

Toolbox Chart

Plan B has two basic tools: the roles and the method.
Besides, the Plan B toolbox is filled with additional tools to help you along the way.
All concrete how-to tools, techniques and tips & tricks, to carry out activities.

When we talk to people about Plan B, we often use a visual to show what this looks like.
Last week, someone suggested to put this on the website.
And of cause, we listen ;-) So, here it is.

The chart below provides a picture of the Plan B Toolbox.
With available tools ordered per phase.

Plan B Toolbox Chart

Click to Enlarge


And as we always say:
You can use whatever you need. It’s not a prison. It’s your playground.

New Plan B Tools!

New Plan B tools are produced!

The new delivery of Plan B basic tools (part of the toolbox)

And take a look at this beauty. Made in co-creation with BR-ND. A magazine with worksheet of the amazing 23plusone method

BTW. Want to play with this tool? You can! Join us and take a look at our Sunny Experience (Dutch).