Work Revolution

The Work Revolution is a movement & advocacy group that promotes human and meaningful work for everyone. They are the pioneers designing radically life-giving places to work.

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In 2013, we posted their manifesto.
And now…we are on the website ourselves!

With an interview of Plan B founder Daphne, as a change agent.
We think that’s pretty cool ;-)

Here’s the interview on The Work Revolution Website.

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Plan B on E2E (Dutch)

This week, an interview with Daphne was published on E2E
(Employee to Employee).
Written by Sam van Buuren.

E2E is a platform for modern employee-to-employee communication.
A community with publications on innovative connecting employees.

You can read the article here (it’s in Dutch).
About the do’s and don’ts of the way you solve problems.
The Plan B way ;-)

Plan B in practice (Dutch)

2013.07.29_bouwen-voor-mensen-51f688059ff21Another article on Plan B.
In Dutch.

About The Value of Plan B.
Written by Ronald van Warmerdam, Projectmanager City of Amsterdam and lecturer at Technical University of Delft. 

Feels good. Love it! 

“Bouwen voor mensen in plaats van hufters”

“Twee jaar geleden kreeg ik een mooie opdracht. Het opstellen van een plan voor de herontwikkeling van station Lelylaan in Amsterdam. U weet wel, dat station aan de westzijde van de stad waar het onveilig is vanwege hufters, tasjesdieven en gewapende overvallen op AH-ToGo. Bij de start van de opgave was een uitgangspunt dan ook helder: een station moet hufterproof worden. Hoe bizar dat uitgangspunt is, ontdekten we met Plan B.”

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Surround yourself with people who lift you higher

Honored, proud and happy!
Read this amazing blog by BR-ND

Plan B is a licensed 23plusone friend of BR-ND.
We are pretty amazing as individual companies (;-), but imagine the magic that might occur when you experience us in co-creation.

You can! We offer you a combination of our tools, based on years of research, science and practical experience.
You can have us both. Mixed up or complementary.
Try us. You’ll love it.

At the end of this BR-ND blog, you’ll read what you can do. Now.
We’ll give you a warm welcome! 


Plan B Mapping!

Wow, look at this Plan B map, made by Bas de Baar (formerly known as The Projectshrink).

He experienced the Plan B Journey from October until December 2012 at TU Delft.
Bas: “I experienced it’s simple and awesome power during this extensive course. And drew this map as an overview of Plan B.”

Thanks to Bas the Plan B role of The Storyteller got a new dimension; mapping like artwork!
Let’s raise the bar;-)

Read his blog and check out his awesome map.

And/or follow him on Twitter

Click to view enlarge

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Project Management: The Value of Plan B

Another article on Plan B.
Project Management: The Value of Plan B.
Written by EOI.
Feels good. Love it! 

“Depassé recognizes the value in some of project management’s most rigid and results-driven mechanisms (such as Work Breakdown Structure, Scope Analysis, Power Mapping, Quality Control, Compliance, Risk Analysis, and Monitoring and Evaluation), but urges for project managers to complement these processes with strategies that empower and include the people that conduct them in meaningful, reciprocal, and flexible ways.

The concept for “Plan B” Project Management is to provide an alternative route for developing ideas and achieving goals when a project gets tired, stuck, overly complex, or is in a rapidly changing environment. Plan B is not meant to replace the traditional project management process — rather Plan B supports it with innovative approaches in times of need.

Overall, this approach seems to be a radical but useful one in terms of managing teams, seeing innovative opportunities, and mitigating the “human” challenges imbedded in every project we seek to manage together.”

In The Media

Yes! Plan B showed up in the media again.
(Dutch articles)

‘We zijn nog maar halverwege de digitalisering’

Executive Lab (& Business Expo):
“Veel veranderingen door technologische ontwikkelingen” 


Two Roles of Plan B

“If we are really serious about the importance of the environment we work in and the stories we tell, we should have a Set Designer and a Storyteller on our projects.

Yes, I am totally serious.

So is Daphne Depassé, an Amsterdam based solution designer.”

This is the intro of the really cool blog that is written by Bas the Baar (formally know as The Projectshrink). About Plan B.

Read the interview in “The Set Designer and The Story Teller. Yes, you need them” and learn more about two of the roles in Plan B.