Why you need Creative Thinking

B creative Plan BIn our western society (business and education), we often focus on analytical and logical thinking. Creative thinking doesn’t get a lot of attention.

How come?
And why should you care?

This is why you need creative thinking.

(Check out at the end of this blog: lots of videos and tools for creativity!)

The System

Almost all of our attention goes to analytical thinking. That is just the ‘traditional’ way we (learn to) think and work. We hardly apply creative thinking in business or learn it at school. Watch this (brilliant) TED Talk of Sir Ken Robinson about this subject.

There could be various reasons why there is a lack of attention for creativity in our education and business worlds. Maybe it’s because we just don’t get it yet; stuck in old traditional ways. Maybe it’s the word creativity; often only associated with artistic creativity. Maybe it’s because we do not understand creativity and don’t know how to formally apply it (creativity is often seen as some kind of mystical innate talent, something far from our analytical thinking, impossible to control…)

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