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Our mission is to help others break through the status quo.
So that they feel bliss: excited to move forward, beyond their perspective of what they thought was possible.

Everything we do, is all about that.
We love to help you out.

This is what we do.
This is how you can get started.
Our services.

What we have for you

(We can do it all in Dutch and English)

Workshops and Masterclasses

Take a look at our ‘standard’ programs and prices.


Training. Learning by doing.
There are four ways. For teams and individuals
1) Open 7 day-courses
2) Private/in-company training
3) Online course with guidance
4) Course with a mixture of online and offline guidance.
Here’s all the information: to learn Plan B


We’ll guide you through your projects. The Plan B way.
More information here.

Advice, coaching and mentoring

You can call us any time to guide you, to support you, to help you breaking the status quo.
Private sessions, according to your needs. For (ad hoc/urgent) advice. Get in touch and we’ll help you out!

We also have Plan B extra sessions! For Plan B participants.
Take a look (dutch): refresh, follow up, train the trainer.

Owh. Yes. Our Plan B Specials

Plan B can be used for every business challenge.
It’s “just” an other way to think and act.

But we also have what we call, Plan B ‘Specials’.
It’s Plan B, especially designed around a specific topic.
Here they are. Some of our specialities.

  • Plan B for Entrepreneurs
  • Plan B for problem solving (complex issues)
  • Plan B for innovation
  • Plan B voor knowlegde- and informationmanagement
  • Plan B voor projectmanagement