There are several ways to join Plan B. Here are some of them.

B an Enjoyer

Becoming a enjoyer is easy. Just do it.
Enjoy one of our programs and learn how-to use Plan B.

B a Licensed Partner

Licensed Partners use Plan B as part of their own services. They use it as Unique Selling Point (to distinguish themselves from other consultancy firms). Or they even make it their core business!  We have a nice partner program. Interested? Contact Daphne (founder)!

B a Special Partner

Recommended Partners are specialized partners we work with, when bigger issues need deep attention on a specific item. Partners in the network of Plan B are not just ordinary partners. They got into the Plan B zone not only based on their amazing expertise, but also because they have the wow-factor and sharing the same values of good collaboration. Do you think you got it? Let us know!

B an Educator

Educators are (groups of) people who know all about Plan B and know how to transfer the learning experience. If you are working in the field of training or education, you can use the Plan B method to design your own unique courses. We love education. Contact Daphne for an Educational partnership.

B a Supplier

Suppliers are companies that know how to act different. They got into the zone and are free to use  the Plan B tools and exposure.

B a Reseller

We love it when people are willing to promote Plan B. Of course, we have a partner program to show our appreciation. Just send an e-mail and you’ll receive the opportunities in your inbox!

B a Supporter

We’re extremely grateful to people/organizations helping – in all creative ways. Boost us with your images, by spreading the word and mentioning on social media.We love it!


Plan B is always open to all kinds of corporation and partnershipsGet in touch if you have an idea, see chances or possibilities. We love to see how we can add mutual value.