How it all started

Plan B was born out of curiosity, wonder and frustration. I (Daphne Depassé) was working on information and knowledge issues and projects for over 18 years now; as manager, consultant or coach, largely concerned with research and developing new solutions and systems. (You can read more about me here or you can take a look a my graphical bio). In 2007 I started my own business helping organizations with information, knowledge and innovation issues – often ICT related. All these years, I saw lots of businesses struggling with issues: failed projects (more time or money than planned or disappointing results), lack of innovation, and difficulties dealing with fast changes in the world. Thereby – to my opinion – often, the roads towards solutions were not the happiest: miscommunication, frustration and difficulties getting people in motion.

I always had a deep-down feeling that there must be a better way. In ICT, things like Agile, Scrum en Lean were emerging, but in practice it seems that these methods were used in a similar way as we were used to. No breakthroughs or fundamental changes in the way we think and work.  During the years I worked on assignments,  I was always questioning, wondering and researching. In 2008 I interviewed several organizations and wrote a book about their stories of dealing with knowledge management (Dutch: 15 praktijkverhalen over kennismanagement). When I look back, I think this was the trigger to get into action: try to find a better way.

In 2009 I started my second study: EMIM at the University of Amsterdam. There I came in contact with design thinking, and found a solid base where I could build on. And so I did. Turning design thinking into ‘design doing’ for business. Not an easy job*. I wrote books full of notes, read lots and lots of books and articles. Watched videos, spoke to hundreds of people and immersed into their world. I learned, discovered and designed. In 2010 I received an Innovation Voucher from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Loved it! Finally, after more than three years of science research AND testing in practise, Plan B was born. Ready to make some positive change.

The dream

It’s amazing to create a positive and fundamental change. My personal drive is (and I guess it always has been) to help organizations and people ‘in business’. With the development of PlanB and introducing a different path, this drive is becoming a dream and is grown even bigger: not only helping the business world, but also getting Plan B into the education system. Because that’s where the leaders of tomorrow are located, so that’s a good place to start fundamental change.

Since the summer of 2012, Plan B is booming. Faster than expected. And with more impact than I could ever dreamed of. Thanks to all the people who were curious and eager to take the first step and have spread the word, Plan P gets a foothold. Thanks to EMIM for introducing design thinking and thanks to the group of inspirators and supporters: so generous to give time and energy. Getting Plan B into the world is my goal in life and because the world will never stand still, and I will continuously invest and develop Plan B. Always up-to-date with the newest insights and tools. And gadgets and other cool stuff, to have fun with.

So that’s the dream…and the story behind Plan B.





* If you’re familiar with design thinking, here’s a article I found recently. It describes why design thinking as it is, will fail into ‘the business world’.