Plan B is a different, enriching way to deal with complex issues. Create smart and beautiful solutions, by acting different.

Roles en Method

Plan B exists of six (+1) roles. These roles will keep you on track. They provide a solid approach to make sure you have the right focus – all the way through.

And there’s a method: a road map with six (+1) phases, to support you on your way. These roles and method will guide you through, along with a toolbox filled with helpful, cool and fun stuff.


Plan B is simple and easy to use. There are a few principles: simple basic rules. Easy as that.

Why Plan B

Our current ways just aren’t working sometimes. Especially when we’re dealing with rapidly changing and complex situations. In these cases you need something else, a different way to break through the status quo. Read more about why Plan B could help you or see if Plan B fits you (a little rapid test).

About us

Plan B was founded by Daphne Depassé. You can read more about her on this page.

She’s not alone. There’s a whole Plan B network and there are Plan B partners. Check this page for a glimpse.